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Your questions answered

What main challenges do Interko’s systems solve?

Our main requirements are for cost-effective and reliable ripening systems that result in a very evenly ripened product. That’s what Interko stands for and that’s what we’ve done since the 1990s. At the end of the day, supermarkets want fruit like bananas on their shelves every single day and Interko has the well-known brand and reliable equipment to fulfil that demand.

Are your systems cost effective?

Absolutely! We manage the production of our systems ourselves which allows us to control the costs. Most of our research is also focused on the energy consumption of our rooms. The first step in creating every ripening room is to reduce the running costs and then the energy usage. There are very few moving parts to our systems too which minimises handling and management costs.

Are they energy efficient?

Yes! In Oslo Interko has manufactured a ripening room that is the most energy efficient in the world! It’s running remarkably well and the build quality of the room is excellent.

How much do they cost to run?

It varies because the running costs depend very much on the energy and labour costs in the country where you are operating our systems. It’s best to contact us for a bespoke quote.

How long do they last?

Some of our systems have been running for 20 years. But reliability also depends on whether the client properly maintains the system. The coils in the system are made from stainless steel to ensure a longer lifespan. The systems do last but like any machinery the running parts need servicing and maintaining.

How long will it take to design, build, and install?

Usually it takes three months to build and install in addition to the time beforehand for the client to decide what they require. Bigger projects, however, always have a longer duration.

Will Interko install my system?

In whichever country we are working, our preference has always been to install our systems via a local partner who speaks the local language and knows the market. It’s an important piece of equipment and it needs to work every day, so it’s in our clients’ best interests to have a local installer.

Logistically, it is not feasible for the Interko team to travel around the world to continually support our clients. But, of course, in some countries there isn’t an installation company so we always try to work with the closest partner to that client.

Nonetheless, a member of the Interko team quite often provides support during the installation process to ensure it’s done to our standards.

How much maintenance do your systems require?

They are low maintenance but obviously bananas, for example, bring dirt and oil from the plantation so the systems do require regular cleaning as well as servicing.

Does Interko provide any after care?

We do take a keen interest in how our systems are doing once they’re up and running. We always have parts and spares available. The original drawings for every system that we build are archived forever so we can always manufacture or offer spare parts designed specifically for that system. We never forget our history and the clients that help us to grow.

Who are your clients?

Interko works with a range of clients throughout the world, from family-owned businesses and service providers to large distributors, the big banana brands and retailers. It very much depends on how the local trade operates in the market in which we’re working. In short, we work with everyone involved in the ripening sector of the logistics chain.

What do your clients say about you?

Our clients are very proud and happy to work with Interko. But as we’re a manufacturer we always work in partnership with installation companies, so in many respects it’s a reflection of their hard work and service as much as ours.

Which markets does Interko cover?

Currently we work with Europe, Russia, Japan, China, India, the Middle East and South America.

How many ripening systems have you installed?

To date, Interko has installed 6,000 systems worldwide and increasing every year.

Why should I use Interko?

We are there to solve your problems. 99.9% of the time we are able to provide a solution.

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