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Quality fruit ripening at low costs

Interko offers cutting-edge, cost­-effective and low-­maintenance ethylene fruit ripening systems that are custom-made to solve your specific needs from as little as one box to as many as 90 pallets.

We manufacture progressive designs for ripening rooms that are built to last and accommodate the world’s most commonly used fruit boxes and pallets.

Our centralised knowledge combined with our global network of installation partners means Interko guarantees unparalleled experience, reliability and flexibility.

By choosing an Interko fruit ripening room you benefit from premium fruit quality, longer shelf-life, minimal product losses and low operational costs.


ULTIMO Ripening room

The classic ripening room designed to hold up to 90 pallets of fruit.

Ripening room Interko MVDF-27-01-17-0165

Axesso Ripening room

A flexible ripening room for smaller loads such as mangoes and avocados.


OPTIMO Ripening room

A turn-key ripening room that accommodates 8 up to 24 pallets of bananas, avocados or mangoes.

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Our products - Fruit ripening rooms

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