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What they say


Industrial Cooling Systems (ICS)


Jan-Lund Pedersen

“We have represented Interko in Scandinavia since 1989. I like the people and their commitment. I have known many of the employees for 25 years and we have installed more than 200 rooms over the years for primarily mangoes, bananas and avocados. Together, we ensure very high quality turnkey solutions and our satisfaction rate is close to 100%.

Interko is a reliable and state-of-the-art manufacturer of ripening systems for bananas and other fruits – the customers to whom we sold the first generation of Interko rooms are still using those rooms 25 years later! The company is very supportive and service minded too.

During the past few years Interko has also made significant improvements on technical and energy-issues, which means we can proudly say our rooms are state-of-the-art not only from a ripening point of view but also from an energy and environmental perspective.”


Giancarlo Baghetti

“Interko’s systems result in the most evenly ripened bananas because they really control the maturity process of the fruit. That’s important because good quality fruit leads to increased prices! Their equipment is also easy to use and doesn’t require much maintenance.

We started working with Interko 10 years ago to develop four ripening rooms for bananas in Antofagasta, a port city in northern Chile. The following year a competitor asked us to build seven banana ripening rooms, which is the biggest project we’ve done here so far.

Together with Interko we’ve also built five banana ripening rooms for Dole Chile in Santiago that hold 24 pallets per room, plus we’ve worked on projects for Del Monte in Argentina and Brazil.

We are looking forward to working more with Interko in the future; perhaps for avocados, kiwifruit and citrus (lemons and oranges) which are huge product categories in Chile.”

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Registros y Controles (RYC)

Lucas Nobile

“Interko offers a very good product and Chris Maat is a true professional! We trust in him and his ripening systems. We know that with Interko our clients will get good quality European technology as well as technical support and an after sales guarantee.

RYC has been representing Interko in Argentina and Uruguay since around 2001. Since then we’ve installed numerous banana-ripening systems. We’re currently working with our client Tropical de Argentina to upgrade their banana ripening rooms. Plus, we’re negotiating a contract with a major supermarket in Argentina.”

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