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ULTIMO ripening rooms

Maximum efficiency for even ripening

✓ Bulk ripening at minimal cost

✓ Energy-saving REVERSO fans

✓ Single, double or triple-tier format

✓ ‘Free-floor’ racking system


  • Interko’s ULTIMO ripening rooms efficiently and evenly ripen large volumes of bananas or other fruits by generating an equal flow of air across either a single or double row of pallets.

  • Effective side curtains mean air reaches individual pallets with minimum energy loss, and air filters seamlessly throughout each and every box of fruit.

  • To reduce dehydration and product loss, an air cooler runs along the length of the room, which maximises the cooling area and maintains a constant temperature.

  • The air cooler is standard equipped with Interko’s reversible REVERSO fans, which consume less than 100 watts per pallet at full air flow, presenting considerable cost savings.

  • REVERSO fans can be individually switched on or off over a network protocol.

  • ULTIMO rooms can be operated in a single, double and triple-tier format with heavy-duty steel racking.

  • Double-tier rooms come fitted as standard with Interko’s “free-floor” pallet racking system, allowing free movement at the lowest level.

  • ULTIMO rooms accommodate standard ISO pallets (1.2m x 1m), Euro pallets (0.8m x 1.2m) and pallets commonly used in the Philippines (1.07m x 1.05m).

  • Our bespoke service can solve any other requirements.

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