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Chris Maat

Managing Director

Chris took charge of Interko in 2010 and has a background in engineering and project management. He travels extensively to meet with our clients in order to develop the solutions that best fit their ripening requirements. As the public face of the business, you

will often see Chris representing Interko at trade exhibitions around the world too.

Anna Zegveld

Senior Business Development Manager

Anna has dedicated the last 5 years to expanding Interko’s already vast, international client base.
As Senior Business Development Manager, she is responsible for the creation of new working relations while strengthening our existing partnerships.

Astrid Korving

Customer Support Manager

For over 30 years, Astrid has been at the core of Interko’s business, orchestrating a smooth, seamless operation. For this to happen, she has had to develop a profound understanding of every aspect of the business, from planning and production to logistics and installation.
Astrid is generally the first port of call at Interko and usually the last, keeping our customers happy and loyal.

Ferry Scheffers

Chief Engineer

With over 30 years’ experience in building ripening rooms, Ferry is a longstanding and integral Interko staff member. Being Chief Engineer, he is the forefront of most of our installations all over the world, directing a hard working team towards building the perfect ripening rooms for our customers.

Narcís Guinart

Project Manager

After receiving his masters in Production and Industrial Management, at the Catholic University of Santa Teresa de Jesus (Avila, Spain), Narcis travelled to the Netherlands to follow his dream of working amongst the best agricultural engineers in the world. Joining Interko, Narcis took up the mantle of Project Manager. In his role Narcis is able to showcase his engineering knowledge, fusing this with coordination skills to successfully see every project through to completion.

Dan Miller

Commercial Office Coordinator

With over 15 years of sales and management experience, Dan shares a highly original perspective and understanding of customer care and commercial development. He is able to drive forward the process from inside the business, ensuring customers are well informed and aware of the progress of their projects. He also leads our after sales team to help you just in case things don’t go to plan, whilst in operation.

Meet the team

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